How to Drive Targeted Traffic From Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites receive a large amount of visitors every day. If your bookmark reach the front page of the sites, you will get a lot of targeted traffic from them.

Write a Catchy Headline

The majority of the articles go unnoticed because their headlines don’t grab attention. If you want people to see your bookmarked article, you must create an attractive headline. For example, instead of using the headline iPad Accessories, you should used a more catchy headline such as Micro-review: iPad Accessories.

Write a Short Description

The description also plays an important role in drawing the attention of the readers. The description should be brief and describe the news in a way that makes people want to learn more about it. For example, you can write, this article is an in depth review of the official apple iPad’s accessories. If it is news, you can paste the first paragraph in the description. The description should be an introduction about the article and not include the details. It is recommended that you don’t use false facts and lies in the description to generate interests from the readers. The standard word count of the description should be 100 – 150 characters. Since most social bookmarking sites limit the description, you should attempt to describe the article as short as possible.

Create an Impressive First Paragraph

The first paragraph of the article must be must create a good impression on the reader. When the readers click through the link, they will read the first paragraph of the article. If the first paragraph is lousy, they will not read the rest of the article and quit the same. To encourage the reader to remain on the site longer, the first paragraph must be informational and impressive.

Create Good Content

The first paragraph serves to lure the readers to stay for longer period and read the rest of the article. To retain the readers’ attention, the body of the article must be interesting so that people will want to read it. If you are articles is useless, there is no need for bookmarking them. Sometimes, the moderator from the social bookmarking sites will visit the bookmarked page to check if it is spam. If they find out the articles are junk, they will get your site or IP banned from the site. The article should be grammatically correct and without spelling error.

Put a Bookmark Button on the Site

It is best if you provide a convenient way for people to bookmark the article. Many social bookmarking sites offer a piece of code for the buttons which you can paste into the site. When people click on the button, they will be redirected to the particular social bookmarking site. Once they sign in, they will be able to bookmark the article on your site. If you are using a wordpress blog, you can install the social bookmarking plugin from WordPress plugin directory. provides free social bookmarking widget which you can embed into your site. The social bookmarking widget supports 264 sites including Digg, Yazzem, Yahoo! Buzz, Webnews, Xanga, Plurk, Properller, Google Buzz, Dzone, Facebook, Fark, and others. The services which are supported by include WordPress, Blogger, and MySpace. Users will be able to choose different button style. If you have an account on, you will be able to track the performance of the button.

When to Submit

In order to rank on the front page, you must submit it on the right time. Most social bookmarking sites will only rank the post for 24 hours so you will want to post when users are most active. Many people claim that posting at around 3 p.m. US Central Time will enable you to get more traffic to the site. Submission to social bookmarking sites during the weekdays also tend to generate more traffic compare with on weekends.

Submit to the Appropriate Category

If you want your article to get noticed, it must be submitted to the right category. If there is no suitable category, you can submit to the most related category. For example, if your article is about carrot cake recipe, you should submit it to the Food category. Submitting the categories such as General, Miscellaneous and etc will not create much attention since these categories are for unclassified stuffs. These categories usually received lots of submissions so that your article is pushed to the back of the search result. In this way, it will be less likely to be noticed by the reader.

Build a Good Profile

Before submitting URL to the site, you should set up the profile. Having a good profile will make your get more notice from the people, especially if you are an old and respected user. Besides bookmarking pages from your site, you can bookmark interesting articles from other sites. If you keep on bookmark your site, people will realize that you only want to promote your site. It will make your profile look suspicious since it only has links to one site. Social bookmarking sites are places where you share interesting post with other people so that they can bookmark them too. Thus, you should not use it for self promotion purposes. Some social bookmarking sites will suspend your account if you only submit content of one site.

Cooperate with other Social Bookmarkers

One way to get your stories on the front page is cooperating with other social bookmarkers. If you have friends, you can ask them to vote for your bookmarks. In return, you will cast votes for their bookmarks. In Digg, fifty votes will be sufficient to get on the front page. In this way, you will be able to get the article rank on the first page of the site. Most social bookmarking sites have high page rank so you will benefit from the quality backlink. The link juice will pass from the high page rank site to your site. In time, Google will increase the page rank to your time.

How to Explode Your Traffic With Social Bookmarking

What if I told you there is a way to get traffic to your site – without building one way links to your site – without submitting articles to directories – without submitting to directories – without using pay per click – without search engine optimization – without relying on the big bad search engines?

In fact, this powerful new technique has a short learning curve and can send visitors to your site almost instantly!

No this isn’t a myth or some fantasy, but an exciting new way of driving traffic to your Website called “Social Bookmarking”


To put it simply, social bookmarking is a collection of Websites indexed by humans. Unlike the search engines which rely on complicated algorithms to index relevant Websites for each topic, each site has been “bookmarked” by a human who found it interesting or helpful.

Today there are hundreds, if not thousands of these bookmarking services available. Which means more opportunities for you to get your Website noticed! To better understand this whole concept, take a moment to visit – one of the most popular social bookmarking communities online.


A visitor will sign up for a new account, then start to bookmark his or her favorite sites by using “tags” (think of them like keywords). For example, if someone finds your site on muscle cars and finds it useful, they will then bookmark it on using the tags “classic cars, street rods, hot rods” etc.

The more people who bookmark your site on each social bookmarking site, the higher your site will climb in the rankings for that particular service. If you visit and do a search on “gardening”, you will see that the top ranked sites have been bookmarked the most.

This in a nutshell is the basics of social bookmarking.


The beauty of social bookmarking is that there are several ways to generate traffic to your Website, both directly and indirectly. The goal is to get as many people as possible to bookmark your Website and content pages. Savvy marketers are now placing simple but effective bookmarking scripts on their Websites to boost their rankings. These scripts allow their visitor to automatically bookmark their sites with the most popular services.

You can get two of the best scripts here:

Social Bookmarks Creator Script –

For WordPress: Bookmark Me Script

Remember, the more people who bookmark your site, the higher you will climb in their search rankings.


You should also create accounts at several of the more popular social bookmarking sites and bookmark your Websites as well.

Anytime you add a new page that people will find interesting or useful, you should bookmark that as well.

Be sure not to spam these sites, and use appropriate tags. People will not bookmark garbage sites, and you could very well get banned from using these services. One way to bookmark your sites quickly and easily is to use will submit all of your new bookmarks to many of the popular services automatically, and best of all it’s free!

If you are using WordPress and want a hands free script that will automatically bookmark each post you make, we suggest buying this script: Auto Social Poster We use it on all of our WordPress blogs and love it!


Some of the most popular bookmarking sites like rank extremely high in the search engines.

This means that while you may not rank high for a certain keyword in Google or Yahoo!, you may rank high on one of the popular bookmarking services.

So a user searching on Google for “wedding dresses” may click on the search result displayed from and then find your Website on how to pick out a wedding dress.

Do you see how powerful this is? It is yet another byproduct of social bookmarking.


Another major advantage of getting your Website listed on the social bookmark sites is one way links from high PR sites. Because these social bookmarking sites have fresh, updated content on a daily basis, many of them rank high in the search engines.

As you know (or should know) getting one way links back to your Website is the number one most important aspect to achieving high rankings in the search engines. Now that you know exactly how to incorporate social bookmarking into your marketing plan, you have no excuse not to start today. Get out there and take action now!

Link Building and Search Engine Optimization

Social Bookmarking could be the next big thing in web site marketing since the development of the personal blogs.

Social Bookmarking web sites like, Digg, Stumble Upon and Furl allow their users to create a set of web site content bookmarks. Submitted book marks are organized by content tags, which are arbitrary phrases or words a user can assign to the content they wish to bookmark. This gives the user a way to classify, rank and organize web site content using tags.

The most popular Social Bookmarking web site is Digg. Digg is a relatively new social bookmarking web site and has in it’s short time attracted millions of members who daily add bookmarks to all sorts of web site content. Over search engines and other bots, social bookmarking web sites have an intrinsic advantage. Users will choose what content they will bookmark, unlike relying on a program to categorize and qualify content. There is an implied quality in something that someone has taken the time to select.

Users of a social bookmarking web site will read other posters bookmarks and then add them to their own bookmarks if they liked them.. You can even view RSS
feeds to see what others are tagging, which is a very cool feature and is a textbook example of a very powerful viral marketing technique.

My own experience and testing shows that 3.2% of all my web site traffic come from social bookmarking web sites, off those 50% come from, 20% from and the remaining 30% come from various bookmarking sites I am a member of. These sites include Furl and Stumble Upon.

As a search engine optimizer, social bookmarking is another tool I use to promote my web sites. An example would be, introducing a new developed web site. I could wait until Google, Yahoo and MSN found my web site naturally, but that would takes weeks if not months. I could join a link exchange network and exchange links with other web site and have the search engines find me that way. But, then again I would be relying on the indexabilty of the linking web site for the search engine to find me. Or I could add a couple of bookmarks on 3 of the most popular social bookmarking web sites. These large bookmarking web sites are indexed many times a day and the search bots are only looking for new content. Have a bookmark on a social bookmarking web site and could expect to be crawled by the big 3 within hours or at the most, within days.

To successful bookmarker, you need to supply good quality original content. Content that is going to be searched for and will solve a problem the searcher has. There is no point bookmarking content that no one wants. Spamming has become a major problem, but social bookmarking is controlled by it’s users. If the content you plan to bookmark is plain spam, the users of the bookmarking web site will just ignore it and move on. Your content will wither away and eventually be dropped out of the social bookmarking web site index.

If you social bookmark properly and supply good quality content, you can expect to gain dozens of quality back links as other bookmarkers, bookmark your content. This technique is a popular tool for successful search engine optimization and the best feature of social bookmarking is that it is free to use. I have not come across any social bookmarking web site that charges the user to use their facility.

Social bookmarking web sites are growing in popularity everyday. Find the ones that best fit the theme of your web site and bookmark with them. But remember, you will only succeed with bookmarking if you have content that is worth bookmarking.